About Garlic Farmacy

Garlic Farmacy grows varieties of Garlic (Allium sativum) organically up river in the Macleay Valley away from city pollution, where the air and cloud water remains uncontaminated. In 2014 we grew a number of garlic varieties including these successful ones:

  • Chaz;

    Mungay Purple seeds ready for planting

    Some Garlic Farmacy Cloves prior to planting

  • Printanor;
  • Italian White;
  • Sprint;
  • Purple Glam;
  • a Tasmanian Purple variety;
  • Monaro Purple
  • Shogun;Turban versus Elephant
  • Spanish Red (Rojo del Pais Baza); and
  • Elephant – not really a garlic variety, also often called “Russian”.


We do not use chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, just biodynamic and organic nutrients. Many of these are made on the farm. The garlic like all our other produce is grown with Love, hand tendered and cured naturally.

We are also financial members of the Australian Garlic Industry Association (AGIA).

AGIA Logo and Name